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? Who Am I ?

I come from a planet far away. I bear gifts: Love, Harmony, Joy, Truth, Presence and Music. My message is Peace, let my voice ring loud and clear!

Growing up in Northern Maine I was a student of Classical Music, Musical Theater, Classic Rock and Classic Country (thanks Dad, thanks Mom), Popular music, and anything else on the radio. I have always been surrounded by music: family, school, friends, and otherwise. I have sung, perhaps, since my first glimpse of daylight and I hope to sing until my last.

Through both study and wonder (or perhaps through study because of wonder) I have come to a new understanding of myself, and the world, with the aid of Berklee College of Music. Predominantly I have come to know Jazz, an incredible force in itself. Understanding Jazz and its history has helped me shape an understanding of most genres. I have come much closer to the essence of Funk, Gospel, the Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Soul, Rock and Roll, and newly: Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop, Trap, and several other Electronic music forms.

Artists like Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers, Sam Cooke, Michael Jackson, Musiq Soulchild, Jill Scott, Maxwell, and artists comprising the Soulquarians: D’angelo, Erykah Badu, Common, Bilal, Questlove, and J-Dilla, among countless others, feed my musical passion-fire. Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul in especial have helped give words and texture to my emotions. These artists and this music have given me a more concise sonic palette with which to deliver my art. Additionally, Hip-Hop has created a form and platform unlike any other music. I find that as I come closer to the roots of Hip-Hop, and to the movement, I come closer to who I am and to what I want to say. The energy of Hip-Hop is easy, real, and very down to earth, in most cases. One truth that brings excitement is the idea that Hip-Hop culture, from fashion to sound, to art and aesthetic, to dance and movement, to social consciousness, leads the zeitgeist of our time (i.e. Virgil Abloh, Kanye West, Frank Ocean). I will join this motion, I will help make waves.

I am a song-writer, a vocalist, a model, producer-in-progress, confidant, father of many house plants, saxophonist, a lover, reader, writer, vocal-arranger, Yogi, member of the LGBTQ+ community, friend, amateur dancer, and much more.

I seek to represent the underrepresented, in every facet of society. I seek to bridge gaps between people, to heal the broken hearts of the world with Love and Truth. I acknowledge my privilege and I dedicate myself to bridging social, economic, political, racial, and all other societal gaps. I acknowledge life as existence within a one larger energy that is the universe. Music is connection to that which is larger than oneself, that which is outside of the immediate self. This connection includes all communities, countries, cultures, people, forms of love, and the intelligent and compassionate universe itself.

My message is Peace, let my voice ring loud and clear!